The fact that your text messages are blue rather than green implies something about you (Team iPhone wins!). The fact that your read receipts are enabled indicates something about you. And the fact that you haven’t updated your iPhone’s iOS software in years reveals something about you.

Having a yellow iPhone can help a person maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations. “When there is uncertainty in the world, we are drawn to brighter colors,” Ms. Smith told the media. “How can you not smile when you see a bright shot of yellow?”

If you own a Red iPhone…

Ms. Smith claims that red iPhone owners crave attention and want to stand out. “Call it confidence,” she replied, revealing that she once had a crimson iPhone.

Those who own a black iPhone tend to have strong self-esteem and confidence. Those who buy an iPhone in this elegant and stylish color are sure to have strong opinions.

If you own a lavender iPhone…

Lavender means you’re either very sophisticated or you’re a Swiftie, Ms. Smith added, referring to Taylor Swift’s hit single “Lavender Haze.” The color is considered a delicate tone, and individuals who draw toward it appreciate the complexities of life.

If you own a green iPhone…

Green iPhones are generally associated with intelligence and a “community-focused” approach. While there are numerous colors of green, owners of light green iPhones are said to have more empathy and manage situations more gracefully than those who choose deeper greens.

If you own a blue iPhone…

A blue iPhone is a safe yet pleasing option. Those who own blue iPhones are probably trustworthy, or at least wish to be perceived that way.


Now you know that your iPhone’s model, color, and even the apps and functionalities you prefer reveal a lot about your lifestyle preferences!

Do you prefer the latest model? You are technologically savvy and enjoy staying up to date.Do you enjoy bold and vibrant colors? You are an extrovert who enjoys making a fashion statement.The apps and features you use on your iPhone reveal whether you are interested in fitness and nutrition, photography, or financial planning.

However, regardless of the iPhone you own or your preferences, the preceding article is not a definitive reflection of who you are.

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